Virtual Lunchtime in the Studio

Virtual Lunchtime in the Studio

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Lunchtime in the Studio: Meet the Company

Lunchtime in the Studio: Speak

Now Virtual!

We are bringing the intimate setting of the Core Dance Studios on the Decatur Square, to you.

Lunchtime in the Studio amplifies the heart of Core Dance’s vision - purposeful artistic risk-taking, invention, community participation, led collaboration, knowledge sharing and enquiry. Lunchtime in the Studio offers the public active engagement and participation in the stimulating environment of Core Dance.
We have brought many aspects of engagement online, too. When you sign up to view Lunchtime in the Studio, you will also gain access to spaces where you can share with us virtually.

These events will be virtual, with screenings opening on October 20th for Meet the Company and October 27th for Speak.

Register to join. You will receive an email on October 20th with the link and password to view.

Location / Venue

  • Time:
  • Oct 20, 2020 12:00 pm to
  • Nov 07, 2020 12:00 am
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For four decades, Core Dance has supported innovation, collaboration, artistic risk-taking and sustainable art-making in dance. An award-winning contemporary dance organization with global reach, Core Dance creates, performs, and produces compelling original dance that ignites the creative spirit and actively encourages participation and conversation with the community. In 1980, Core Dance was co-founded in Houston, Texas by dancer and choreographer Sue Schroeder and her sister, Kathy Russell.  Five years later, the organization added Atlanta, Georgia as a second home base, creating a platform for dance that is relevant in both cities and around the globe. Core Dance uses dance to educate, question and illuminate, and is internationally recognized for its artistically driven research practices, cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary collaborations, the humanity of the individual Dance Artists, and its rigorous physicality. (