REEL ART: Speak- Virtual

REEL ART: Speak- Virtual

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Core Dance Presents: REEL ART
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Core Dance is now hosting, SPEAK, a series of films from filmmakers around the country that amplify BIPOC voices - through art and in the arts. ​The streaming is happening on Decatur Square, but we wanted to give those of you unable to visit us in person an option to experience SPEAK.

Register to join. You will receive an email on October 20th with the link and password to view.

The current video installation, features the following Artists and Projects:

“May Gray, June Gloom” ​
Video by Horatio Baltz

About the Artist:
Horatio Baltz is a Los Angeles based photographer and award-winning fiction & non-fictionfilmmaker whose work often centers around the dreams and aspirations of ordinary people. Hiswork has appeared in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Variety, The New Yorker, and variousother publications. He has received mentorship from Werner Herzog and Alec Soth. He has an18 pound tuxedo cat named Gary that he loves very, very much.​
“Hanging Tree Guitars:
​the Art of Freeman Vines”
Susan B. Ades - Editor

To meet Freeman Vines is to meet America itself. An artist, a luthier and a spiritual philosopher, Vines’ life is a roadmap of the truths and contradictions of the American South. He remembers the hidden histories of the eastern North Carolina land on which his family has lived since enslavement. For over 50 years Vines has transformed materials culled from a forgotten landscape in his relentless pursuit of building a guitar capable of producing a singular tone that has haunted his dreams. From tobacco barns, mule troughs, and radio parts he has created hand-carved guitars, each instrument seasoned down to the grain by the echoes of its past life. In 2015 Vines befriends photographer Timothy Duffy and the two begin to document the guitars, setting off a mutual outpouring of the creative spirit. But when Vines acquires a mysterious stack of wood from the site of a lynching, Vines and Duffy find themselves each grappling with the spiritual unrest and the psychic toll of racial violence living in the very grain of America.
"That Old Black Magic"
Video by Zach Wolfe

About the project:
In this brief video, director Zach Wolfe captures David Williams, performing as Sammy Davis Jr., singing “That Old Black Music,” written in 1942 by Harold Arlen and the great Savannah lyricist Johnny Mercer.
"Wise Beyond Our Years"
Direction & Cinematography: Zachary Todd
About the project:
Zachary’s first film project, Wise Beyond Our Years, is an interweaving of ten episodes, which embrace the differences and inherent beauty of being black with fierceness and frankness.

About the Artist:
Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Zachary is a multi-disciplinary artist that focuses on dance, choreography, visual mixed media work, and filmmaking. Zachary is a graduate of the prestigious Milwaukee High School of the Arts, and a former member of Dallas Black Dance Theatre II, The Atlanta Dance Connection, The Proia Dance Project, and Okwae A. Miller & Artists. He has had the opportunity to perform the works of noted choreographers as well as serve as an instructor for several summer intensive programs, master classes, and lecture demonstrations. Zachary’s filmmaking and visual art practice is grounded in his dance background. Whether he’s working on a live performance or choreographing for film, Zachary uses movement as a means to create a sense of community and connection between the artist(s) and the audience.

"The Sound and the Fury of
​Jericho Brown"
Story by Josina Guess | Video & Photographs by Darnell Wilburn
About the project:
In this terrible spring of 2020 Jericho Brown has a lot to celebrate. His third book, The Tradition, won the Pulitzer Prize, and he won the Lambda Literary Trustees’ Award for groundbreaking work in LGBTQ literature and culture. Born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana, Brown now lives, writes, and teaches in Atlanta at Emory University. His poetry deftly names the forces — be it cop, disease, or addiction — that would have him dead, while he celebrates the beauty, be it in a flower, in a lover’s embrace, or in anything that helps him thrive in this burning world.

Location / Venue

  • Time:
  • Oct 09, 2020 12:00 pm to
  • Nov 15, 2020 12:00 am
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