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REEL Art Movement 2 Opening Reception
Core Dance welcomes Georgians to enjoy an opening reception for REEL Art Movement 2, which features the work of Felipe Barral. Light refreshments will be served.

REEL Art began in the Core Dance 2020-21 season and began commissioning video installations in the 2021-22 season by Felipe Barral, Adam Larsen, Christian Meyer, Douglas Rosenberg and Jennifer Scully-Thurston. Felipe's work will continue to stream over the weekends on our studio windows at 133 Sycamore Street, 30030, on the Decatur Square from November 20th - December 30th.

This outdoor event is free, and advance registration is encouraged. Walk-ups will be welcomed if space allows. CDC-recommended social distancing practices will be enforced as patrons enjoy the film from the Decatur Square steps in front of our studio windows.


Felipe Barral is a multimedia storyteller who expresses himself in many ways –through his films, videos and audiovisual works, his music, his art and his writing. He is also a journalist with a Masters degree in Philosophy.

Felipe is an Emmy award-winning producer. He is the Founder and CEO of his own production company, IGNI Productions, specialized on cinematic content for the arts; as well as the Founder and CEO of BELLA, a company that feeds the screens with beautiful cinematic videos produced to reduce stress and improve well-being.

As a filmmaker, director of photography and multimedia storyteller, Felipe specializes in creative, engaging and promotional content for the arts. His cinematography and editorial point of view are always outstanding. He has been helping different organizations, institutions and individuals, creating cinematic content that guarantees engagement in a memorable way through relatable stories and a constant pursue of beauty. Some of his partners and clients are: The Atlanta Opera, the Alliance Theatre, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Arts ATL, Synchronicity Theatre, Actor’s Express, Horizon Theatre, CORE Dance, Eyedrum, the Serenbe Institute for the Arts and the Environment, ImmerseATL, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, HALO Production, DAC Hospitality, Deljou Art Group, Atlanta International School, and many others.Felipe is also an independent filmmaker, producer, director, photographer, musician, artist and writer. He has released seven short films, short and long format documentaries, three books of poetry, and has composed original scores for silent films and documentaries.

For 20 years, Felipe produced outstanding high quality storytelling at CNN as well. Felipe has taught his “Creative Production Philosophy & Style” to producers, reporters and colleagues at CNN, and he also taught it to children in an international school in Atlanta, which led him to be recognized with Time Warner’s Richard D. Parsons Community Impact Award in 2014.

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